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About the call for international proposals

NAVE is open to receive international Performing Arts proposals for creation, research and exhibition, on a continuous base, from individual artists, companies or collectives.

We consider art as a catalyst for knowledge and critical thinking. This is why we are interested in establishing alliances and learning about projects which are open to experimentation with hybrid forms, beyond disciplinary boundaries, with innovative practices and modes of production.

NAVE seeks to support a wide range of artists who are currently researching alternative ways of working and exploring new methods of articulating dialogue between art and society.

In addition, proposals must consider an exchange with the artistic and local community, which may be carried out through workshops, laboratories, warm-ups, open creation processes as well as other forms of participation.

This call is for proposals between march 2017 and january 2018 


The proposals must include one PDF file with the following information:

> Project dossier:

  • Description
  • Work planning
  • Dates of residency
  • Space use requirements (details on the kind of area or room, if you need accommodation, etc. You can go through the blueprint of NAVE in
  • Exchange proposal with the community.
  • Mentioning of other institutions than support the project.

> Brief CV of the artist, company or grouping.
> Previous  work material online

* Proposals of already presented projects will not be received.
* Schedule and work space will be agreed on according to the needs of the project and NAVE’s availability.
* All documents must be in Spanish, English or French.

What does NAVE offer?
> Rehearsal space and accommodation residency
> Exhibition space with a maximun of 6 performances (bordereau 70/30)
> Promotion throughout our networks
> Letters of support if project is selected
> Support from NAVE’s staff

*NAVE supports projects throughout its platform, networks and use of space. Artists that apply for residency must be co-creators of their projects and search for fundings for the production, transfer and per diems, which are NOT covered.

* This call will be open from the 8th of july to the 14th of october 2016 *

Answers will be provided via e-mail in november of 2016.

> Send us your proyect with the subject “International Call 2017” to