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12 y 13 de diciembre 2015

Luis Biasotto’s Africa adresses five open questions trought a circular narrative structure, induding several major gaps in its temporality. As if reading a book out of which some chapters would have been removed.

-How did I move before, and how do I move now?
The impossibility of remembering.
-How does a naive body take over the movements of an expert body?
The impossibility of being another.
– How does one disappear on stage?
The impossibility of believing.
– How can we create an unreality departing from another unreality?
The impossibility of explaining the scenic.
– How can we create a new origin?
The impossibility of being original.

Concept and choreography: Luis Biasotto
Creation and performance: Luciana Acuña, Luis Biasotto, Sarah Chaumette, Francisco Egido, Gabriela Gobbi, Andrea Nussembaum, Agustina Sario, Matthieu Perpoint
Music: Gabriel Almendros
Texts: S. Chaumette / L. Biasotto
Lighting design: Matías Sendón
Costumes: Gabriela A. Fernández
General assistant: Paula Russ
Co-production: Instituto Prodanza, El Cultural San Martin, MCGCBA