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Dream is a dreamer

Residencia del 22 de abril al 3 de mayo

As a Cooperation Agreement between NAVE and Municipal Theatre of Rivoli,  NAVE welcomes the portuguese artist Catarina Miranda who will work in a creative and technical residency based on the human body and its position in the physical world. 

The creative work Dream is a Dreamer is a spatial evocation exercise for stage where a fictional topography is activated, establishing a collective imaginary through means of word and gesture.

The construction of the sensitive experience of the body has as a starting point the exercise of contemplation. An empty space is intercepted by an hypnagogic protocol where a trigger point, the performer, morphs within as a multiple entity.

Through the manipulation of an object, affects are built and scenic time is defined, establishing a relation between the monstrous and the human dimensions of a body-flesh-skin.

 This scenic time-zone is driven by speculations on reality.

Artistic team 

Artistic Direction | Text | Scenography — Catarina Miranda
Dramaturgy — Catarina Miranda , Jonathan Saldanha
Performance — André Cabral
Choreographic Conception — Catarina Miranda, André Cabral
Music — Jonathan Saldanha
Light — Leticia Skrycky
Executive Production — Sara Gomes
Production | SOOPA
Co-production | DDD Festival / Municipal Theatre Porto
Support | DGArtes — Portugal Ministry of Culture, Pact Zollverein, Materiais Diversos, Explore Dance Festival Romania, Srishti Institute India, Grand Studio Brussels, Espaço do Tempo, CCN-ICI/Exerce, Nave
Acknowledgments — Cristina Planas Leitão, Luísa Saraiva

Première 9th May 2019 — DDD Festival / Porto Portugal