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The Machine of Horizontal Dreams

Residencia del 9 al 27 de marzo

Selected through Convocatoria Artes Vivas, the spanish artist Pepa Ubera searches on success and its counter-effect. 

The “machine of horizontal dreams” is a choreographic laboratory that investigates ideas of success and their consequences on the individual psyche as well as on broader political terms. It looks to investigate and decode male narratives of success. The Anthropocene shows multiple perspectives on the human strive for success. We are only now starting to become aware of the consequences on the earth of a relentless quest for more and better and that success can never be a stable but can quickly turn into the opposite. The “machine of horizontal dreams” aims to challenge ideas of success and look at progress, standstill, halt and failure as counter concepts.

The environment in which this event will take place might include movement, video art, social choreography and live sound. The joint activities could be developed in a circular space occupied by the public and the performers, without a hierarchical structure.

In this project I am aiming to reimagine what progression could be/mean and why our society has not placed importance on observing what changes are taking place while we “progress” and succeed.

Artistic crew 

Choreography and Direction Pepa Ubera
Dramaturgy Florine Linder
Sound Doran Edwards
The Machine of Horizontal Dreams will premier in Sadler’s Wells in Spring 2020

Process opening 

The crew will invite members of the community of Barrio de Yungay and possibly the artistic community in Santiago to experience a movement workshop where we will be sharing the choreographic scores that will be accessible to anybody without any previous dance background.

They are interested to facilitate a space to hear the participants personal and collective idea of success. Their interest is to record their voices and add it to the sound score of the project. This way there can be a direct dialog with their ideas and vice versa. If possible we could have a weekend workshop with the locals at Barrio Yungay.


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Pepa Ubera