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Residencia del 5 al 21 de marzo

Selected as part of our International Open Call on Artes Vivas, the Portuguese artist Cristina Planas will work on the concepts of resistance, survival and permanency starting from the binaries present in the dancing perspective

UM [unimal] is a solo evoquing the idea of how a single body can represent the collectivity and the common history through a macro-investigation on the role of dancing. Specifically, the artwork focuses on resistance dances and those emerging from social and political movements, and on their impact on the way in which bodies survive and manifest themselves in the present. The main theme, the SURVIVAL triggers the work of two sub-themes: the SUBSISTENCE, after the disappearance (which maintains the link with her previous piece FM [featuring mortuum]), and the PERMANENCY of past traditions. PERMANENCY is developed  through the investigation of resistance movements raised both as a structural and collective attempt against the established authorities. UM [unimal] aims to investigate the continuous physicality between the virtuosity of the limits of the body fighting to maintain itself on the scene which perseverance and tiredness contaminates and attracts, as a gladiator in the arena or like the marathonist in a competition or like a climber.

The physicality explored is the MARCHing. MARCHing is a way of disclosing, during its process, the representation of the actual movement and its conduction means the repetition of a organised body, which is moving forwards in a regular and deliberate way. Historically, marching emerges from both the contexts of oppression and liberation, on both sides of resistance, where there is the necessity of changing and moving forwards. The question is: how can the march be converted into movement.


Concept and Artistic Direction, Cristina Planas Leitão
Executive Production Célia Machado, Cristina Planas Leitão
Booking Teresa Camarinha
Graphic Design Eduardo Ferreira
Photos Susana Neves
Video Sofia Arriscado

Akcnowledgements Filipa Lowndes Vicente, Joana Gorjão Henriques, Gil Mendo, Ivan-Vincent Massey, Pedro Neves, Ana Renata Polónia, Mariana Jacob, Musibéria, Jesper de Neergaard, Lotte Kodod Ludvigsen, Lars Kjær Dideriksen, Paulo Meunier, Sérgio Pacheco / Endutex.


An opening process will be realised during the mid of her staying to a small group of people to generate a immediate feedback. The feedback will be then developed during her remaining time in the residence.


Day: 14th of March
Time: 20:00 pm
Place: NAVE- Libertad Street 410, Santiago Centro (by Metro Cumming/ Quinta Normal)


                **The event is free of charge with prior registration

You can subscribe to her opening HERE


Estreia/ Premiere 27 April 2018 – Academic Theatre Gil Vicente, Coimbra (PT)


Culturgest, Lisboa (PT)
Teatro Municipal do Porto (PT) – Festival DDD
Teatro Aveirense (PT)

Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (PT)
Casa das Artes de Famalicão (PT)
Teatro Municipal de Faro (PT)

Residences and support in the creation of 2017/2018:
MD Kollektiv, Koln (DE); Dance Ireland, Dublin (IR); Teatro Nacional S. João (PT)
Centro Danza Canal, Madrid (ES); Materiais Diversos/ Grand Studio Brussels (PT/BE); O Espaço do Tempo (PT); Bora Bora, Aarhus (DK); Companhia Instável, Porto (PT); NAVE, Santiago (CL); 23Milhas/ CM Ílhavo (PT)

Financial Support
Direção Geral das Artes/ Ministério da Cultura (PT)
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT)

Institutional Support: MC / Direção Regional de Cultural do Norte / Casa das Artes



27 Abril / Abril – Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Coimbra (PT) – Premiere
2 Maio / Mayo – Festival DDD / Teatro do Bolhão, Porto (PT)
11 Maio / Mayo – Casa das Artes de Famalicão (PT)
18 Maio / Mayo – Culturgest, Lisboa (PT)
19 Maio / Mayo – Culturgest, Lisboa (PT)
24 Junio – Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro (PT)
13 Septiembre / Septiembre – Teatro Municipal de Faro (PT)
9 Noviembre / Noviembre – Centro de Arte de Ovar (PT)



Cristina Planas