• 12 de July de 2021

Bachelor and degree in Pedagogy in Dance from the Universidad de Artes y Ciencias Sociales-ARCIS. He has developed with diverse chileans and international professors. He has been a performer in outstanding contemporary dance companies with a trajectory in Chile such as Cía Danza en Cruz, Colectivo de Arte La Vitrina and Nômades Grupo de dança in Brasil. He has participated in various festivals of national and international artistic relevante such as: Festival internacional Santiago a Mil (CHILE – 2013, 2019), Festival internacional de Danza Contemporánea Lila López (MÉXICO – 2013), Encuentro Internacional de danza en Paisajes Urbanos (CUBA – 2014. 2018), Festival del Arte y la Escena (PERÚ – 2017), Festival Paralelo 16° Mostra de dança (BRASIL – 2016), among others.

He has worked as an academic in Universidad Arcis, Universidad de Chile, IP Escuela Moderna, IP los Leones, Escuela de Teatro Gustavo Meza, Liceo experimental Artístico. He has also shared and guide sessions with national and international companies such as Ballet Nacional Chileno, Ballet folclórico Nacional, Cía Cuerpo en Vuelo, Cía Danza en Cruz, Colectivo Arte la Vitrina, Grupo Nômades de Danca (BR). En la actualidad dirige BacanalColectivo_ (2016), he integrates the Collective Arte la Vitrina, he teaches contemporary technique in the Modern School of Music and Dance and he is also assistant in the Choreographic Mention.

I’m interested in bonds, affections and love. How the bodies achieve a degree of complicity from the gaze, subtleness or just by being there; or how they find, contain, and get lost in a wild state of overflow. Continually transiting, these places maintain and feed my scenic exercises.