About Us

NAVE is a creation and residency center located in Yungay neighborhood which opened its doors for the first time in september of 2015, and which was donated, thanks to a work of patronage from the directory of Fundación Patrimonio Artístico, to NAVE. Thus, it is a private space which functions thanks to this donation and annual fundings from the state.

We are a space for the dance and the Live Arts (the interdisciplinary crossing of dance, performance, music, medial arts and all its possible combinations) that has a starting point the idea of creation, investigation and technical residencies. Thar is to say, we are a place that enhances processes of creation of different national and international artists through the accompaniment of the staff from the technical to production and communications.

We define ourselves as an experimentation center which, from the movement and the body as an axis, wants to reflect on new ways of making art in the present. It is our priority to easen the creative work and the artistic investigation promoting a place for this practices to unfold and transform.

Our focus on the space transcends the concept of the traditional scenery. That is why, we proclaim that NAVE becomes a versatile territory and in constant movement, so it can expand all the creative possibilities.

We understand art and its patrimony as a source of experience, reflection and knowledge, main reason for which we believe it is necessary to be valued and transmitted to society.

The space has a residency where artists that come to NAVE can sleep in, an exhibition and work room with high technology for technical processes (Black Room), a room with a dance floor (White Room), two working rooms in the second floor, and last, a rooftop with a tent.