NAVE Team Residences

  • 7 de July de 2021

The NAVE team is characterized by being a group of diverse people from different disciplines such as dance, history, literature, photography, visual arts, theater, cultural management, sound, among others. The team is in constant internal training by sharing its knowledge and frequently participates in training sessions and dialogue with other national and international institutions.

To date, the NAVE team has carried out 2 exchange residencies at the Sâlmon Festival in the city of Barcelona (2018 and 2020). Members of direction, production, management, technique and communications participated in these residencies, with the aim of exchanging tools and problems typical of their work. Within these exchange spaces, the NAVE team held talks and exhibitions where they shared their experience.

For 2021 and 2022, new instances of exchange are expected at the national level with organizations such as the Festival Cielos del Infinito (Magallanes), Teatro BioBío (Concepción), SACO (Antofagasta), among others.