Political Dance and Activism Seminar

  • 7 de July de 2021

The Dance, Politics and Activism Seminar is a space for reflection that addresses the political role of current Dance from artistic and theoretical practice. In times of great social, economic, environmental and educational transformations, it is vital for us to build discourses around the new place that this discipline occupies in its dialogue with other tasks and fields of action. We are interested in opening debates and learning about artistic processes that face these transformations. This seminar sought to generate an impact on the role of dance as a social agitator, understanding its contribution to society as a living and relational agent, placing the body and its movement as a possible device for political action.

To open these debates and learn about artistic processes that approach these issues, we invited artists, theorists and managers to address these issues for two weeks through case studies, research, staging, creative processes, practical laboratories, work tables and lectures.




Dance and Resistance: Human Movements in Danger of Extinction Vol. 2 by Amanda Piña (Mexico / Chile / Austria) / November 10 and 11/20 hrs.

REMOVE THE TONGUE PROJECT | ACT 1: HARM-ONY (Creation with local cast) by Marcela Levi and Lucía Russo (Brazil, Argentina) / November 24 and 25/20 hrs.


“Thoughts in action I: Bodies in plural” / Tuesday, November 13 / 19:30 hrs.

“Thoughts in action II: Dance and Community” / Thursday, November 15 / 19:30 hrs.

“Thoughts in action III: Bodies and capitalism” / Tuesday, November 20 / 19:30 hrs.

“Thoughts in action IV: Education and Politics in Dance” / Thursday, November 22 / 19:30 hrs.


Dissident Corporalities with Victoria Pérez Royo (Spain)

Dancing one’s own bio-politics today with Saša Asentić and Alexandre Achour (Serbia, France, Berlin)


Cultural Spaces: Transformative Management Tactics and Strategies with Fernando García (Bolivia / Spain)

Art, Politics and Community: Activation strategies with Cristina Alonso and Natacha Melo (Catalonia, Uruguay)