Production and Technical Area Seminar

  • 7 de July de 2021

This seminar sought to provide tools, present case studies and models regarding the roles of technical areas within different spaces and creative platforms, both internally and in collaboration with the production areas. Previously, the technical seminars that had been given in the country were aimed mainly at specific technical training and, on this occasion, prior instances were addressed such as time planning and design and technical processes in creative work, as well as governance within the teams that manage spaces and platforms from the point of view of the technical and production areas.

For this seminar, there were national guests and, in addition, part of the team from Le Quartz, National Theater of Brest, France, Anne Le Quang -Director of administration and production- and Jean-Michel Le Lez -Technical director-, who They visited us within the framework of the Constelaciones project, to discuss the working conditions and professionalization that exist today in our local context, and exchange experiences between our reality and the French one.