Seminar “Residence space, a power for local artistic creation”

  • 7 de July de 2021

At NAVE, after 3 years of existence and receiving more than 400 national and international artists, we feel the need to share and make visible the various ways in which we put the concept of residencies into practice in our space and put the new ones in dialogue. methodologies and ways of understanding artistic creation and cultural public policies.

We are interested in making available the different knowledge and experiences that we have developed from the technical, production, communication and curatorial direction areas, as well as giving visibility to other spaces and projects that are currently developing residencies in the country.

This seminar seeks, on the one hand, to bring together all the spaces or programs that are currently developing residence projects in the country, in different areas and disciplines, as well as to integrate agents who are starting projects or who seek to implement future projects of residence in their regions, in order to be able to establish a network of spaces and together raise challenges and problems that help us to generate incidence in cultural policies, where there is still no support for residential spaces at the country level.
The seminar was developed in 2 days of work in days from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. Each day featured conferences and conversation panels where supplies, documents and basic information were delivered for the creation and organization of residential spaces in Chile.