Why I move

  • 7 de July de 2021

Why am I moving? (PQMM) is a dance training program, which was born in 2017 in order to contribute to the professional development of national creators. The program arises initially thanks to the collaboration and support of the Dance Area and the International Unit of MINCAP, under a collaboration agreement that allowed the development of its first 3 versions until 2019, benefiting 24 national artists in 3 years and counting with 12 outstanding national and international choreographers as tutors of the program. Each version of PQMM benefits 4 creators from the Metropolitan Region and 4 creators from other regions, promoting the exchange of knowledge among the participants themselves.

The second semester of 2021, with the support of the MINCAP Performing Arts Fund, the 4th version will be held in a virtual and face-to-face way, it will be tutored by Daniela Marini (Chile), Miguel Pereira (Portugal), Cuqui Jerez (Spain) , Leticia Skcryky (Uruguay) and Natalia Ramírez-Püschel (Chile).

//// Versiones anteriores ////


Participantes: Carla Bolgeri, Constanza Grez, Francisca Espinoza, Guillermo Becar, Karen Reumay, Laura Corona, Luna Anais, Rafael Silva.

Tutores: Cuqui Jerez, Miguel Pereira, Leticia Skrycky, Volmir Cordeiro.



Participantes: Jorge Volpi, Sandra Vargas, Pablo Cortés, Betania González, Georgia del Campo, Javiera González, Alexandra Miller.

Tutores: Vera Mantero, Eduardo Fukushima, Diego Agulló, Daniela Marini.


Participantes: Sandra Acevedo, George Swaneck, Celeste González, Carla Romero, Gabriela Serano. 

Tutores: Varinia Canto Vila, Luis Garay, Luis Moreno, Tamara Cubas, Daniela Marini (Sesiones de Feedback), Natalia Ramírez Püschel(Bitácora).


Apertura 2017

Video Resumen 2017

Tutoría Vera Mantero 2018