• 12 de July de 2021

“Behind the Future” is a collaboration between the Chilean artists and choreographers Josefina Camus y Rodrigo Chaverini that started in 2017 when they met to work on its first investigation residency called LIGHT, done in NAVE (CL).

During this first year of collaboration their work awoke a certain vision of the future, allowing the emergency of ideas and its imaginaries to talk on the confrontation of temporalities, which gives the name of the collaboration “Behind the Future” that takes upon different performative projects. Utopic-dystopic futures, science fiction and technology put in relationship with the organic and the natural which characterizes the hybrid imaginary of this creative duo.

They have developed their work through virtual long distance reunions and creative and technical residencies: Centro NAVE (2018-2019) and Municipal Theatre do Porto, Campo Alegre (PT, 2019). In this way they gave origin to their first performance LUMINOIDES (of a luminous appearance), a co-production with NAVE, space where it premiered in September 2019 (Cycle OtroSur).

Currently they are in an initial stage of their second project, calle PHYTOPIA (of vegetal quality). They investigate the universe of the vegetals; their perception characteristics, communication, collaboration and intelligence. Notions in which ecosystem, coexistence logics, interconnection and symbiosis -that is to say of mutual benefit- are the main point of interest, that at the same time are the basis of their own collaboration.

Nowadays Josefina and Rodrigo, as a creative duo, are associated artists in Centro NAVE (CL).