• 12 de July de 2021

She is a choreographer, landscaper and project manager in Espacio Checoslovaquia. She studied in the Centro de Danza Espiral, Dance Space y Movement Research, Nueva York.

Intern at UNESCO Ashberg promotion for the culture for a residency in Bangkok, Thailand.

She was a participant in COLABORATORIO, european-sudamerican choreographers encounter, Brasil. She did a residency in the company Bock & Vincenzi, London. Her work has been presented both in Chile as overseas: Monaco, Zimbabwe, Russia, Brasil, Mexico, Spain, among others. Some of her pieces are: Zero, Anatomía de la Felicidad, Asado, Las Pésimas and los King Kong del Ritmo, Niebla, Sin Testear, Zoom and Fractal (these last three done in collaboration with Company Checoslovaquia).

Since the beginning, her work has been centered in an approach for the disciplinary crossing in a never-ending search for identity and a language that has been reflecting in every artistic proposal, promoting the integration with other artistic fields to relate the choreographic with technological aspects such as cinema, projection, and the creation of scenic devices, sound art and deepen in other worlds that enhance its ways of woking, where the concept of experimentality arises and generates much sense.

All these experiences have located her in the cross between different languages, allowing her to discover new paths towards the search and the creation of an identity as a Chilean choreographer. Currently, Francisca has linked her artistic doing around the disciplines of art, science and landscape, throughout various investigation project of Dance-Landscape “Anatomy of the Landscape” Fondart 2018 and of scenic creation “The Dance of the Landscape” Fondar 2019-2020, Colectivo AW (Andes Workshop)