• 12 de July de 2021

Macarena Campbell is an artist, investigator, pedagogue and chilean manager. She participates as a performer in different independent national and international dance projects, she is an academic in the Department of Dance of the Universidad de Chile, co-directs the organization Plantar, management platform of formative spaces with professionals of the dance and she takes part in the Red Trabajadoras de la Danza, organization that supports and works collaboratively with women and artistic dissidences of dance.

She started her formation in dance in the Laban Centre in London, in the Universidad de Chile and the Ballet School of the Municipal Theatre of Santiago. She has participated in diverse trainings seminars in areas related with movement and at the same, she participates in investigation projects such as Vertebral next to Rolando Jara (residents in NAVE 2017).

She develops scenic creations in collaboration with chilean and foreing artists, highlighting projects such as Canvas, Obra (Play), Dobles (Doubles), Relevo (Relief), Homos Luden, Algo para el corazón (Something for the Heart), Mapeo de Bordes Porosos (Porous Edge Mapping) y Fasma.

In the last years she has received financial support for the development of her collaborative projects in Chile from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes FONDART for the creation of the performance FASMA (2018-2019) and for Explora (2020-2021) investigation project for the teaching of contemporary dance interpretation. From Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien she received support for Algo para el corazón of Deborah Hazler (Something for the Heart, 2018) and from the University of Auckland (2017-2019) for Mapeo de Bordes Porosos (Porous Edge Mapping) with Alys Longley and Máximo Corvalán.

She is interested in developing corporality, movement and image by taking resources from visual arts as referents for the development of hybrid creations, seeking for other ways of making the body appear questioning its limits.