• 12 de July de 2021

Patricia Campos is an artist devoted to the choreographic creation and teaching, she also serves as a dancer and performer. From a territorial point of view, her creation seeks to connect plays with diverse and up-coming audiences, mainly in the South of Chile, and in collaboration with independent dance companies in the country. As a pedagogue, she also works in the teaching-learning of dance, with pre-school and school children, in diverse educational projects and in mediation of audiences.

She started her dance career in the city of Valdivia, studying later on at the Dance School of the Universidad de Humanismo Cristiano en Santiago, graduating in 2008. There she continued working in academic tasks in the field of choreographic composition, critical analyses of plays and the accompaniment of creative processes. On the side, she integrates the company Anilina Colectivo, a group that works mainly on street interventions, under a collective authorial view and the management of community and audiences projects.

In 2015 she came back to the city of Valdivia, where she works mainly in a creative line that aims towards diversification of audiences, developing personal projects and in co-authorship with artists of other disciplines, both in the field of scenic dance as performance and video dance. She collaborates permanently with, both in the formation as well as the creation ambit, with southern dance companies in Chile that are part of the network Corredor Sur and she integrates the companies of the Municipal Ballet of Valdivia and the company Innata.