Live Arts Open Call

Available until August 15th.

We have reopened our Live Arts Call for Proposals!

For its 2022/2023 version, we invite artists with creative and research projects in the field of the Live Arts – dance, performance, theater, music and sound experimentation, media arts, philosophy, plastic and visual experimentation that put the body at the center of the experience – whether individual artists, companies, collectives or others, who are beginning their creative process or in the development phase, and who privilege research and not only the production of work.

To date, the Live Arts Call for Proposals has 4 versions (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019). In total we have supported the realization of 62 residencies, selecting an average of 20 artists each time -39 of them national and 23 international-.

This time we will select 10 projects that will be in residence in 2 modalities: creation/research residency and technical residency, awarding residencies to 5 projects from the Metropolitan Region and 3 from other regions of Chile, in addition to 2 international projects (including the criteria of parity and decentralization).



Use of work room: The artists will have a room at their disposal to display their projects, equipped with basic technique, heating, blackboard and bean bags. The room will be designated according to the needs of each project.

Lodging: With shared rooms for international artists, artists from regions other than the Metropolitan Region or artists from the MR who require sleeping in the space. If accommodation is required, the artist must mention it in the application.

Accompaniment: From the NAVE team at the technical, production, communication, management and content levels. We believe that accompaniment is born from the containment and care of the artists and their processes, and that generating dialogues and moments to share from the everyday helps to strengthen the creative processes.

Dissemination: In our networks and associated media of the selected projects. For this purpose, a teaser or capsule will be made to show the work in the residency, which will be disseminated through NAVE’s networks and will be available to each artist.

Mediation: With communities and territories in case the project needs it. It is important to mention this requirement in the application to identify the mediation work required by the research.

National and international networks: NAVE -as required by the project- also offers the opportunity to connect the selected artists with other national and international residency spaces and with other artists and professionals related to their research.


Openings: For NAVE it is important that the processes are shared and open in some way, so the residency proposals will have to consider a relationship of exchange with the community, through an opening process, instances of coexistence, conversation or other form of participation, so that this action that is proposed has meaning for each project and generates feedback to it.

The instances of openness to the public have been consolidated over time in NAVE since they allow us to make visible the knowledge generated in the residency. We do not expect the artists to show a finished work, we only suggest opening spaces for reflection on the questions raised and the practices developed during the course of the residency.

Laboratories: Transfer of knowledge and skills, generated during the residency, as a result of research and processes, in order to provide new content and perspectives to professionals. These laboratories will be open to students from various disciplines, as well as to the public and amateurs who want to approach art from their practices and creative experiences. For the residencies of national artists, it will be a requirement to carry out a laboratory, which will be remunerated. For the residencies of international artists, it will be optional to carry out a laboratory, which will NOT be paid.

* The laboratories must be carried out within the dates of the residency.


Projects must include a single PDF document of maximum 6 pages with the following information:

Type of residency: (1) Creation and research residency or (2) Technical residency. Only one type of residency can be applied for.

Room: in the case of submitting a project for a Creation Residency (1), specify the necessary working room (see spaces in the call guidelines).

Description: presentation of the project, key questions, problems, artistic vision, references (aesthetic, theoretical, etc.). In the case of submitting a project for a Technical Residency (2), also detail what and how you want to investigate at a technical level (lighting, sound, audiovisual, or others).

Work team: mention the project team and specify the number of participants in the residency.

Work plan: work methodology, practical proposal on how the project will be carried out in relation to its times and stages, including within the plan the times corresponding to the proposals for exchange with the community (opening of the process and laboratory).

Technical sheet: in the case of submitting a project for a Technical Residency (2), detail the preliminary technical sheet, specifying the technical needs to carry out the residency.

Dates and duration: indicate ideal dates for the residency, with at least two alternatives, and its duration.

Lodging: mention how many people require lodging at NAVE during the residency.

Laboratory: proposal for knowledge exchange with the community (can be done in hybrid formats).

Opening Process: each project should propose an activity to open its research process to the NAVE community (public, diverse communities, neighborhood community, students, artists, etc.). This should not be confused as an open rehearsal of a work. Openings are activities that bring people together around the creation process with the possibility of giving feedback and creating conversations around the research (Example: conferences, internships, lectures, picnics, lunches, field trips or other experiments).

Funding or support: mention sources of funding for the project and other institutions that support it.

Biographies: brief CV of the artist, company, collective or other, including personal data of the person presenting the project (maximum 1 page).

Links: hyperlinks to previous works of the project’s author. Minimum 3 three previous works.

Why NAVE: tell us why you are interested in coming to the context of Santiago de Chile and, in particular, to NAVE.

* We will not receive proposals for works that have already been premiered.

* NAVE establishes parity criteria in its selection process and reserves 4 slots for women artists.

Check and download the Application guidelines HERE 


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